Clothing Hanger Decorative items
Clothing Hanger Decorative items

Founded in 1992, TF has become one of the professional and largest supplier who is designing and make display mannequin, window fixtures and garment hanger in CHINA

TF is not only engaging in world class quality products, meanwhile keeping innovative, in respect of fashion trend we continually make display more creative.

Not only a product, it’s an attitude to discover a solution for retailing end user. We know our client’s need better than others.

Our factory is located in Shanghai, over 9000 square meter plant area which has 20 management persons and 100 skillful workers. Production line: Fiber glass manufacturing , plastic injection, painting, sculpture and metal production. From begin of development, we finalize the process, control cost.

TF has a complete chain of manufacturing process standard and quality inspection team, every product is coming from our standard.

We use IT software to manage order, inhouse production, warehouse and shipment.

Our artist take serious attitude on each mannequin development, from a sculpture we strive to achieving and combine human’s curve and visual display.

Mannequin shall be a work of art, it is not to only display the clothing, it’s a respect to beauty and visual effect. TF’s diversification of mannequin style takes always different view point on every fashion merchandise display needs.

Any Components of a mannequin, we give high requirements.

Beauty is a must, also have to consider a easy way to install a mannequin in the shop.

Safe and less worry

Packing is a key factor to transport, regardless of cost we use better bubble material to protect each parts of mannequin. Maintain kit is a option, help customer to better use and maintain the mannequin.

Hanger in shop must be reliable meanwhile not losing its visual image We should answer how to completely show the clothing in perfect way.

All production procedure must be control, in mass production we ensure its function and appearance.

We have advance facility, as well consider to take a best packing method.

We like to produce window display fixtures, because it has unique charm. Thanks to many years experience, TF makes designer’s idea happened in reality.

Every good window is our goal Continually accumulate experience, to becomes the most professional display fixture supplier in very few number of company in China

Thank you our partners, because of trust We Grow up with fashion, to increase our value that bring to our clients forever!

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